Asian Pop Expo 2011

Asian Pop Expo 2011
Oct. 9, 2011
SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 1

From the team that brought you a successful series of Pop Culture events in the Philippines, Hobbiworx Inc. (TAGCOM , Philippines Cosplay Convention, COLLECTICON) is proud to present, ‘Asian Pop Expo.

We are inviting all hardcore J/K/C-POP fans and Cosplayers to come and enjoy the ultimate Popular Culture experience—slated on October 9, 2011 at the Megatrade Hall 1 in SM Megamall.

Asian Pop Expo will showcase a variety of fun Korean, Japanese, Chinese pop-inspired attractions including dance contests, singing contests, fashion shows, live performances, cosplay, Korean, Japanese, Chinese foods and goodies.

Contest Line Up

– Kpop Dance Battle
– Hallyu Crossdress Catwalk
– Kpop Singing Competition
– Jpop Dance Battle
– Jrock Battle of the Bands
– Cosplay Competition
– Rap Battle

Source: Asian Pop Expo 2011 Facebook page




Cosplay Mania: “Thank You!”


Thanks you message for Cosplay Mania ’11

In literature, epic is a term used to describe a heroic odyssey. In these journeys, the hero often encounters overwhelming odds, draws courage and resolve despite the circumstances and triumphs in the end. Cosplay Mania started that voyage four years ago with little more than a group of friends with the same dream: to build a Cosplay event which Filipino cosplayers could be proud of; a Cosplay event that we could hold up amongst the myriad conventions throughout the world and that we could proclaim proudly as OUR OWN.

That dream would not be achieved without sacrifice, and like an epic, we suffered setbacks, we endured tragedies and, on the very eve of the event, a typhoon threatened to lay all our efforts to waste. But, we are Filipinos. We encounter adversity and persevere. We do not give up. Our spirit is indomitable.

When things are at their bleakest, we pool our resources, assist our neighbors and march towards a common goal. So that, even when crises arose and all seemed lost, we all converged on Cosplay Mania ’11 armed with our resolve and refused to surrender despite the challenges and misfortunes that came our way.

Cosplay Mania ’11’s success was OUR success. It was a triumph owed to the sponsors, partners and exhibitors who provided us the resources to mount such an ambitious undertaking. It was a victory unachievable without the organizers, staff and volunteers who gave it their all despite the challenges that came their way. It was a conquest attained only through the thousands of Cosplayers and Cosplay fans who were responsible for the sale of over 15,000 tickets despite uncooperative weather conditions. It was a dream unrealizable without the gracious attendance of our wonderful guests and judges: Pinky Lu Xun, Clive Lee, Jiaki Darkness, Yuki Godbless and Songwen Ouyang.

As we look forward to 2012, we take yet another step on our epic journey. We will strive to continue improving, innovating and evolving. We will continue to overcome the hurdles and pitfalls that come our way. We will do this because we know we are not alone. We know that we have a shared vision and a shared resolve, and we know that together all things are possible.

~ Pablo Bairan


Source: Official Facebook Page

Alodia’s Fantasy Pre-screening

Alodia’s Fantasy Pre-screening
October 8, 2011 , 2PM
SM Cyberzone, SM Marikina
Free Admission

Winners of the Cosplay Pre-Screening will be part of this fun-filled show! Cosplayers will also get a chance to show what they’ve got on the main event! 3 categories : Best Male, Best Female and Best Mecha! Prizes and various media features await the winners of this amazing series of events!

Pre-Screening Mechanics

1. Registration will start at 2:00 pm sharp and will end at 3:00 pm. Participants who arrive beyond cut-off time will no longer be accommodated.

2. Participants must be in their costume already. This will prevent delay in the program flow. There will be 3 divisions for the competition: Female Cosplayers, Male Cosplayers and Mecha Cosplayers.

3. Each participant will be given a registration number, which will be needed later on. After reading carefully, participants must properly fill-up the registration form.

4. After filling-up the forms, participants will be guided accordingly by ushers. They will be gathered in a common area for proper orientation and explanation about the flow of the program.

5. The participants’ registration number will also serve as their performance order number.

6. During the program itself, participants will be introduced and called in by the host. Each one of them will be given 2 minutes on-stage. This short time must be used wisely, therefore high performance level must be observed.

7. Criteria for judging are the following:
—-Accuracy of Costume —-25%
—-Difficulty of Costume —-25%
—-Stage Presence———-10%
—-Audience Impact———10%

8. One winner for each division will be announced. This means that there will be 3 major winners.

9. Apart from the winners who garnered the highest scores for their division, a “People’s Choice” award will also be given. Results for this one will be decided by the live audience through a systematic voting system. Main winners may also get the “People’s Choice” award for their corresponding division.

10. The 3 main winners and 3 People’s Choice will be qualified to join the final competition on October 22, 2011 for Alodia’s Fantasy.

11. Winners must stay after the awarding for the orientation on the main event.

Source: Alodia’s Fantasy Event Page,

AME Gaiden: A J-Music Concert

Join the University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts as they kick-off their eleventh anniversary celebration with this exciting prologue to AME Monogatari!
AME Gaiden
October 8, 2011
Freedom Bar, Anonas, Quezon City

Featuring performances from UP AME’s very own DyKromatic, UP Tomo-Kai and other J-cover bands namely:

  • Asian Chicken Fest
  • Asterisk*
  • Bandersnatch
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Molded Sushi
  • Onigiri Fusion
  • Raika
  • Rio
  • Shaolin Siomai
  • Stigma of Disgrace
  • Suicide Jelly Squad
  • Temp
  • Yui for President

Tickets are available at the UP AME tambayan (Kubo #2, FC Tambayan Complex, UP Diliman) for only 150php inclusive of one free drink.

Source: AME Gaiden Facebook Page, UP AME Website