Project Nuotaku: Keeping Cosplay at the Heart

Project NuOtaku by StoryBoard

Project NuOtaku
October 15, 2011 at 10AM
Blue Wave Mall Strip Mall Activity Center


I arrived in the venue before lunch since my house is just a stone throw away from the venue. Blue Wave Marquinton (which is the official name of the mall considering it was near the Marquinton residences) is my personal hang-out since my college day, however, it was my first time to step into Blue Wave’s Activity Center which was surprisingly large compared when you look outside.

The Stage

The program proper started exactly at 1:30PM (though there were few attendees at that time).  The hosts were great in entertaining the audience (seriously :p )  as they started with a cosplay debate, a little interview with the audience and guests. There were no dead air and they maintained the “friendly” atmosphere until the end.

Project Nuotaku had become a J-music concert rather than a cosplay event as “famous” Japanese-inspired band gathered to perform 30 minutes of anime music.

Here are some band performance I recorded on video.

Saigo No Tsuchi – 2010 JPop Singing Contest Finalist

Himitsu Heiki – 2010 JPop Singing Contest Grand Champion

Asterisk* – 2011 Asian Pop Expo Champion

Reloaded – 2011 Otaku Expo Battle of the Band Champions (naligaw pa sila niyan)

Lunch Box – a newbie band

Despite not too many attendees and cosplayers attended in the event (at least 20 cosplayers participated in the individual competition), it became an advantage as it maintained a strong camaraderie between the hosts, the organizers, the audience and the cosplayers in which some events failed to maintained.

Let us not forget Denggoy Isidoro aka Sharivan Spark (on Facebook) as one of the attractions and the main guest/judge of the event. He was able to serenade (yes, he is! despite he was not in the program) us with his favorite song.

Leave all Behind by Wilma-Sidr
Kamen Rider Accel 

In the end, veteran cosplayer Christian Umali aka War Machine was the overall champion in the Cosplay Clash: Solo Competition.

Christian Umali as War Machine

To the organizers, you have a long way to go! It may not be as you expected, well, it was a start.

Keep up the good work! Banzaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!

Here are some photos I took during at event.
More photos here.