[RECAP] Shoe Cosplay Competition: The Shoe Must Go On!

 Shoe Cosplay. . . ?? It was definitely not a competition wherein you will be dressed as shoe! It was something different  than a usual cosplay competition.

Four days had past and still I can’t get over with my last event coverage and yet, another cosplay competition is going to happen, now, in my home town, Marikina City. Marikina City has been a venue to many minor and major events among which are Cosplay Got Talent, Alodia’s Fantasy Pre-Screening, Women of Cosplay, and SM Marikina Cosplay. (I have photos of these events also!)

After my haircut that day, I immediately went to the SM late afternoon to do a coverage at Sapatos Festival 2011: Shoe Cosplay Competition.  I’m with my usual attire that except that I am wearing sandals that day. (Obviously why!) I arrived at the venue around 4:30PM and started to shoot cosplayers with my “non-slr” camera.

At around 5PM, cosplayers lined up as they will be doing a parade around the mall. SM Marikina is not that big but for some reasons parading from first floor to third floor, was a little bit too much for the cosplayers especially those who have bulky costume. Some cosplayers stayed on the ground floor for those reason.

The program proper commenced at 6:00PM with a dance performance from “Shoe Shine Boys” and the “Marikina Dance Guild” then immediately after, the cosplay competition started.

The panel of judges is composed of anime fanatic and cosplayer, Mary Anne Jocson (middle), tagged as the “2nd oldest cosplayer in the Philippines” , Pablo Bairan (right) and “the oldest cosplayer in the Philippines,” Guy Singzon. (clap-clap with a smile)


The interesting and unique part in this competition was the question and answer portion wherein cosplayers were asked repeated questions regarding Marikina shoes. This made the program a lot longer than the usual cosplay competition. (To be exact 2 hours)

After the catwalk of 55 participant, the following cosplayers were recognized:

Best in Craftmanship – #2 Denggoy Isidoro
Best Female Cosplayer – #23 Krystel Marie Batiller
Best Male Cosplayer – #13 Ivan Valerio
Overall Best Cosplayer – #32 Belldandy Grimarez
Best Lady Gaga Look-Alike – Kevin Mendrano

Winners were given checks c/o Mayor Del De Guzman and trophies.

Let us not forget that Marikina Mayor Del De Guzman was also in the venue to join the festivities. He was escorted by “Ironman” bodyguards. (Laban kayo!)

In the end, I am proud that once again another cosplay event was held within Marikina City.

Here are some photos I took from the event.

Best Male Cosplayer - Ivan Valerio

Overall Best Cosplayer - Belldandy Grimarez

Best Female Cosplayer - Krystel Marie Batiller

For more photos, you can visit Shoe Cosplay 2011 Photo Album  at animePH Facebook page.