News: Kariko Koyama Revives Macross Frontier Spinoff Manga

According to May issue Bessatsu Friend magazine, shoujo manga creator Kariko Koyama will be resuming Macross Frontier spin-off manga, Sheryl – Kiss in the Galaxy this month.

This is despite of manga series had officially ended a year ago.. The first manga was launch in July 2010 and it has 3 volumes.

In the near future on the starship Galaxy, Sheryl Nome lived with her parents Abel and Sally. The government tracked her parents down who were rebelling against mandatory human enhancing implants and Sheryl was the only one who got away alive. Barely surviving on her own on the streets, Grace O’Connor, a manager at a talent agency brings her in to make her a star. Several years later Sheryl is enrolled into the Erato Music School where she meets Amagi Lilies, a brilliant singer and they become friends. However, tragedy strikes and Lilies dies trying to save Sheryl. To make sure her parent’s sacrifice was not in vain and to keep her promise with Lilies, Sheryl enters into the entertainment world to become the greatest singer in the universe.