Ozine Fest 2012 Day 2 – A Recap

“Two halls are still not enough  to accommodate all.”

Held last April 13, 14, 15 , Ozine Fest 2012 has proven once again that it is one of the most anticipated and biggest anime conventions in the country.

Even shifting to a larger halls, Megatrade  Hall 1 and hall 2, it was not enough to hold thousands of attendees who joined the event. Cosplayers, con-goers and even onlookers filled up, not only the above halls but the entire 5th floor Building B, making the event a security nightmare.

There had been a noticeable decrease on numbers of merchant booths compared to last year but it was compensated with the inclusion of Matsuri and Gakuensai Area. This is the first time that the event will have a school festival-inspired booth, the Gakuensai area while the Matsuri will be have a re-designed area.

Saturday’s events featured different stage activities such as 2nd round of Karaoke Contest and the Battle of the Bands, Mini-Cosplay Competition sponsored by League of Legends, a newly introduced trivia game – Beat the Otakus, various performance from J-Rock cover bands and the Group Cosplay Competition.

Two of the crowd drawer activities were the Karaoke contest and the Battle of the Bands. The Karaoke contest was held before the League of Legends cosplay competition while the Battle of the Bands went after. Lot of great singers and band groups went to perform on stage with songs from their favorite anime and tokusatsu series but at the end of the day, these people emerged as winners:

Karaoke Contest Day 2 Winners
Anime Category – Krystiene Cao
Tokusatsu Category – Denggoy Isidoro

Battle of the Bands Day 2 Winner
Kaleidal Vision 

Later in the afternoon, a competition for League of Legends cosplayers is set. Even though it was only a sponsored stage activity, many people came to watch the participant do their catwalk wearing their League of Legends costumes. A total of 32 cosplayers participated in the event, 10 with the best costume  were given prizes. Two of the top 10 were veteran cosplayer Guy Singzon and mecha cosplayer RB Chen

Trivia games has been one of the staple activities to any Otakuzine -produced event and for this year the staff introduced the “Beat the Otakus”. The host will ask a question to a particular otaku in the panel. The otaku who specializes into a particular hobby or interest will try to answer the question while the contestants will try to “accept” or “reject” the answer given. Simple enough but the questions are really hard per se.

The main highlight of Ozine Fest Day 2 was the Group Cosplay competition though it started late at around 8 PM. A total of 6 group participated and went on stage to perform their skit. This year’s competition was not that exciting as last year’s Ozine Fest. Some of the groups were unprepared with their skits, not to mention many technical difficulties during the competition.

Despite these problems, one group stood up with their slap stick-type skit and dance number.

Group Cosplay Competition Winner
The Mercenaries (Bleach)

Ozine Fest 2012 Day 2 ended 10:00 PM.

I was not able to attend day 1 of the Ozine Fest 2012 due to work. For a meantime, these were the list of winners for day one as posted by Otakuzine Anime Magazine on Facebook page.

Karaoke Contest
Tokusatsu Category: Denggoy Isidoro
Anime Category: Mai Mabagos

Battle of the Bands: Neon [5]

Art Contest
Group Category: John Paul Abear & Sabrina Gianzon
Adult Category: Ryuuen Tanaka
Kid Category: Jasmin M. Sabio

For more photos, you may go to Ozine Fest 2012 albums at the Facebook page.

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