News: Hyouka – Azusa and Mugi Seiyuu Reunite with Former “Bandmates”

According to updated website of Kyoto Animation, voice actresses Ayana Taketatsu and Minako Kotobuki are joining the cast of the ongoing mystery teen anime series Hyouka.

Taketatsu and Kotobuki who played Hokago Tea Time band members Azusa Nakano and Mugi Kotobuko, respectively in the hit slice of life anime series K-ON! will be now playing manga club members Kimura and Henmi. They will be reunited with other cast members, Aki Toyosaki (Mio) and Yōko Hikasa (Yui) who are now playing Rie Zenna and the quiz study group chair while Satomi Satou, formerly playing Ritsu is currently playing the female lead, Eru Chitanda.


A boy named Hōtarō who is not assertive about getting involved, but was ordered by his older sister to join the classic literature club. In the club, he gets close to the truth about an incident, involving a female member’s uncle, which happened 33 years ago. The “energy-saving” boy is joined by an inquisitive girl in this adolescent mystery.


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