Recap: Philippine TOYCON 2012 Day 3

Day 3 of the 11th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention featured two cosplay competitions – the Game Girl Cosplay and the Group Cosplay Competition.

Let us not forget the performance of rock band Kamikazee led by vocalist Jay Contreras which is one of the main highlights of the day. The band provided the background music for the Game Girl Cosplay Competition and interestingly enough that the vocalist and some cosplay participants managed to perform “skits” during the catwalk.

Kamikazee performed some of their famous songs from their albums Maharot, Kami nAPO Muna and Romantico. Among of these were Martyr Nyebera, Doo bidoo, Ambisyoso, Halik and Narda.

After the earth-shaking performance by Kamikazee, anime band Evening Tea Time set off the nostalgia feeling to the audience with their anime and sentai medley. They also performed some songs from the hit anime series K-ON! in which the band got their name – from Afternoon Tea Time.

Nine groups competed for the group cosplay competition that was held afterwards and HTP: Team Suna managed to rise among the other cosplay group with an old skit but their synchronize choreography was perfect.

Here are some photo of the groups who also joined the competition

Aside from the group cosplay competition, cosplay awards were also given to the Philippine Game Girl and Booth babe. Here are the winners:

Philippine Game Girl – Krizdel Ingreso as Demon Hunter
Booth Babe – Jia Gold Bustamante (ABS CBN Multimedia AMPED FEST Booth)

More photos at the here. Album [Day 3]