News: Little Buster – Anime Set This Autumn 2012?

According to a post from official blog of voice actress and singer Tomoe Tamiyasu, anime adaptation of fantasy romance visual novel game Little Buster will premiere this coming autumn.

Here is the repost from Anime Expo website since original post has been edited.

Tomoe Tamiyasu became famous for performing both the role of heroine and protagonist in Key’s “Little Busters!”, and will once again be performing as its heroine in the “Little Busters!” anime scheduled to air [this Fall] in Japan.

Also known as Tomoe Tamiya, she is the voice actress of one of the main heroines of the game, Rin Natsume. She also voiced the game’s male protagonist, Riki Naoe and Rin’s rival, Sasami Sasasegawa.

There are no official announcement released yet from anime’s production studio, JC Staff.