News: Uta no Prince-sama – Season 2 to air in Spring 2013

According to official twitter account of Tower Records Japan, it was announced that season 2 of comedy/romance anime series Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%  is set to premiere on April next year.

Announcement was made at Maji Love Live 1000% 2nd Stage, a live event that features the voice actors and actresses of the anime which was held last August 19 in Yokohama, Japan.

Synopsis of Season 1
 Nanami Haruka wants to be a song writer, so she attends an idol training school filled with beautiful bishounen. The school pairs each aspiring songwriter with an aspiring idol, but Haruka finds herself paired with 6 bishounen idols. To make things more difficult, Nanami is also not allowed to date any of her beautiful partners. [ANN]



32 thoughts on “News: Uta no Prince-sama – Season 2 to air in Spring 2013

  1. YEAHHHH Love the anime… Needs to follow the game plot a little more but yeahhhh tisss goooodddddd Why can’t real people be like dem boys :PPPP

  2. Heyeeeeyyy I love this Anime And all songs Nanmi that Se composeee I love Alll Of them I cant wait to seee The next season

    I wan to tnks The one who will makes This anime She/he’s is A great Anime creator and ilove the story Of this Tnk you so much

    The one that make this Is the best i kindly curious who make this anime i want to now i will by all of anime she/he’s make

    sranghae anime creator iwill wait to next season :)))))))))

  3. AWESOME!!!!
    I LOVE that Anime I’m so excited and I can’t wait until its out!!!!

    I agree with what everybody said!!
    It is the best anime I’ve ever seen so far!!!!
    (my opinion..)

  4. that is when i finished the first season i was sad because i didn’t know there is an other season so i’m very happy to know that there is
    i can’t wait

  5. I would love to see the season 2 of uta no prince sama because they have a many new characters…
    I hope they can complete it so that i can buy CD…

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