Movie Punch, SM Cinema Finally Announced Rurouni Kenshin Release Date

Movie Punch and SM Cinemas have finally confirmed the release date of the most anticipated Japanese film to hit Philippine cinemas.

After a month of long negotiations with Japanese producers and Filipino fans patiently waiting for updates, local film exhibitor SM Cinema has finally announced that the release date of Rurouni Kenshin live-action film will be on December 5. It was later followed by post from Philippine distributor Movie Punch confirming the update of the former.

Few hours later, SM Cinema had opened their website for film’s advance ticket selling though available for SM Megamall 2D Digital Theater at the moment. Advance ticket selling and theater schedule for other SM Cinemas branches will be updated within the week on their website.

SM Cinema also said that since the film is one of their CinExclusives, it will run for several days, even for weeks in all of its branches nationwide.

Furthermore, Movie Punch on their Facebook page reaffirmed there previous post that the film will be released in original Japanese audio with English subtitle.

SM Cinema will be Movie Punch’s exclusive partner for the release of the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film. Film was first released in Japan last August 25, 2012 and it has been given licensed for distribution to 60+ countries.

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