Road To AFA’12: Cosplay TORCH III: 3rd Impact – A Recap (Part 1)

Photo from Cosplay Mania ’12

First launched in 2010, the Cosplay Tournament of Champions is the first nationwide cosplay tournament where cosplayers from different parts of the Philippines gathered to showcase their skills and talent competition on national level. It aimed to create an energetic and competitive area for Cosplay in the country.

Preliminaries were held in key cities around the Philippines to determine the representative for each region. These representatives will get a chance to compete at the Grand Finals in Manila and also a chance to be the  official Philippine representative to Regional Cosplay Championship held Singapore

This year was another competitive year as again 8 teams were chosen, each representing the 8 key cities of Cosplay Tournament of Champions: THIRD IMPACT preliminaries. TORCH III prelims started on June 30 at SM Baguio and ended in September 22 at SM Manila.

The 8 teams who participated this year’s tournament were a combination of veteran and multi-awarded cosplayers, previous Regional Finalists, previous TORCH participants and even first-time participants.

Meet the Finalists

Here is the first 4 out of the 8 finalists:

TEAM POTATO– Team Potato is composed of Baguio-based cosplayers Clarizza Panganiban, 19 years old and Rodney Arreola, 22, both from St. Louis University and members of a cosplay organization also based in Baguio, Otageki. They were cosplaying Maki and Siegfried, both from Soul Calibur Legends. Panganiban and Arreola were both finalists of previous TORCH tournaments with Panganiban winning in 2010 along side with Diane Balagot while Arreola with Patrick Lim in 2011.

The Baguio prelims was held last June 30 at SM City Baguio Indoor Atrium Center.

TEAM M.A.R.C.H OMEGA – Last year’s TORCH II and one of the Regional Cosplay Championship Winners Amado Hernandez once again formed Team M.A.R.C.H. Omega but this time with a new partner, Cebu-based cosplayer Miles Semblante , 21. Both from far-away cities, Hernandez in Butuan while the other in Cebu, distance was really a great challenge but it didn’t stop them in making it to the Finals. Representing the City of Golden Friendship, Hernandez cosplayed Soki from Capcom’s Onimusha while his partner cosplayed Rockman Zero in their prelims.

The Cagayan De Oro Leg was held last July 14 at SM City Cagayan De Oro Activity Center.

TEAM M.A.R.C.H HARUE – This team is composed of a Consulting firm associate and a medical student of UP Manila. Yuu Shomura (real name), 23 and Abraham Cruz, 24, is the second M.A.R.C.H team to win the Preliminaries. Shomura and Cruz were cosplaying Ginchiyo Tachibana and Tadakatsu Honda, respectively from  Koei’s  hack and slash video game Samurai Warrior II. They were participants in the previous TORCH tournaments but failed to advanced in the final round.

This leg was held last July 21 at SM City Bacoor Activity Center in Cavite.

TEAM MADAO – Madao is composed of  cosplayers Makiko “Maki” Akai, 23, a half Filipino, half-Japanese descent and Alan Villarias, 23, an ECE graduate. Akai and Villarias are cosplaying Hildegard von Krone and Nightmare, respectively from Namco’s fighting game Soul Calibur IV.

The Cebu prelims was held last July 8 at recently opened SM City Consolacion in Cebu. 

To be continued in Part 2

The Road to AFA’12 is a series of articles covered from Cosplay Tournament of Champions: Third Impact, TORCH III: Grand Finals in  Cosplay Mania ’12 to announcement of winners at the Regional Cosplay Championship in AFA ’12. 

The 4th Regional Cosplay Championship Finals will be held on November 11 at Anime Festival Asia ’12 in Singapore.

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