Road to AFA’12 – Team Philippines in the Past Years

Tagged as the most prestigious cosplay competition in Southeast Asia, the AFA Regional Cosplay Championships (ARCC) has been one of the most awaited competition especially for the Filipino cosplayers,  in the region.

The ARCC was first introduced in the second Anime Festival Asia in Singapore. The best cosplay duo from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines come together to compete for the top prize to become the best of the region. Winners of the competition will be getting round trip ticket for 2 to Japan.

Now, let us take a look at the Philippine team of the previous Regional Cosplay Championships.

AFA  ’09: WitchBlade: Alodia & Ashley

We all know who are they now in the  mainstream media but in 2009, Alodia Gosiengfiao and her sister Ashley were the Philippine’s representative in the first ARCC tournament. The Gosiengfiao sisters are cosplaying Amaha Masane and  Shiori Tsuzuki from anime series Witchblade.

Team Singapore: 00 Emotion won in that year.

AFA X: Team Bajina

Known to their friends as Kune and Sese, Patrisha Delgado and Nepherteri Ramirez became the second representative of the Philippines to the ARCC in 2010.  The team name  Bajina was taken from Quattro Bajeena, an alias used by Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam. They are cosplaying T-elos and Kosmos from Namco’s role-playing video game Xenosaga III.

Team Thailand won on that year.

AFA XI: Team M.A.R.C.H Omega

Photo from AFA Facebook page

Team Philippines fought well in the first two years of ARCC, but failed to bag the crown. Then, in 2010, changes in ARCC’s registration were announced.  Each participants must first  compete in a qualifying round set in each countries in opposed to previous sending entries directly to ARCC.

Cosplay Tournament of Champion (TorCH), who is already in its second year, was chosen as the country’s preliminaries to determine who is deserving to represent the Philippines in ARCC. With this developments, the bar for cosplaying has been raised even at the national level.

TorCH II winners Zhel Guiral and Amado Carl Hernandez were chosen as Philippines official representative in 2011 and won the Regional Cosplay Championship with their performance. Guiral and Hernandez were cosplaying Warrior of Light and Gabranth, respectively from the game Final Fantasy Dissidia.

AFA ’12: Adventure Team

A new Philippine team has already chosen last September 30 and definitely pressure is already in their shoulders as they will be defending our title. Can they do it? I bid them good luck!

The Road to AFA’12 is a series of articles covered from Cosplay Tournament of Champions: Third Impact, TORCH III: Grand Finals in  Cosplay Mania ’12 to announcement of winners at the Regional Cosplay Championship in AFA ’12. 

The 4th Regional Cosplay Championship Finals will be held on November 11 at Anime Festival Asia ’12 in Singapore.

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