ANIMAX Teased Hyouka, Accel World, Shakugan No Shana III For 2013


Captured from video played at the ANIMAX Carnival event

Anime cable channel ANIMAX has announced through video teasers at the ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2012 event  its newly acquired anime series to air for 2013.

Series in the teaser includes Hyouka, Accel World, Chihayafuru, film Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven Is a Place on Earth and new episodes of Fairy Tail.



Hōtarō Oreki is a high school boy, who always acts very passively with his life. One day, he enters the Classic  Club at the request by his elder sister, Tomoe Oreki.
 There he meets Eru Chitanda, with his friends Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara joining also. Eru is a calm and beautiful girl but she turns into an embodiment of curiosity once she says, “I can’t stop thinking about it(Watashi, Kininarimasu)”. Satoshi is Hōtarō’s smiling friend with fantastic memory, who never attempts to make any conclusions. Mayaka is a short girl and childhood friend of Hōtarō, strict on everyone, even herself. They begin to investigate a case that occurred 45 years ago. Hints of the mystery are buried in an old collection of works of the former members of Classics Club. The collection is titled “Hyouka”.



The year is 2046. Haruyuki Arita is a young boy who finds himself on the lowest social rungs of his school. Ashamed of his miserable life, Haruyuki can only cope by indulging in virtual games. But that all changes when Kuroyukihime, the most popular girl in school, introduces him to a mysterious program called Brain Burst and a virtual reality called the Accel World.



Chihaya Ayase is a frank and ebullient girl who becomes fascinated by the obscure world of competitive karuta, a card game based on Japanese poetry. Introduced to the aggressive style of the game by a quiet and thoughtful elementary school classmate named Arata Wataya, the two quickly become close friends. They start playing as a group with Taichi Mashima, Chihaya’s smart and athletic childhood friend, until they have to part ways during their middle school years due to several circumstances. As their high school life begins, they meet once again.



Hayate, Nagi and the gang spend the last days of summer break at Nishizawa’s countryside vacation home. But a mysterious spirit has concocted a scheme to separate the butler from his young mistress.

Hosts of the event also announced that final season of Shakugan No Shana is expected to air next year.

Anime titles Bleach Season 4, Eureka Seven AO and anime films Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos and Fafner in the Azure: Heaven and Earth (not in video) will air this December.

Schedule below:


BLEACH Season 4
December 17 every weeekdays at 7:30 PM. Replays at 10:30 PM and 2:30, 7:30, 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM the next day.

December 22, 23 and  29, 30 at 11:30 AM. Replays at 12:00MN.

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: The Sacred Star of Milos
December 29 at 1:30 PM

FAFNER IN THE AZURE: Heaven and Earth
December 30 at 2:00PM

It was also announced at the event that ANIMAX Channel will be available to CIGNAL cable by next year. Currently, ANIMAX is only available in SKYCABLE at Channel 46.

The ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2012 was held last December 9 at the Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Atrium in Ermita, Manila.


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