GMA7 Airs 8 Anime Titles For “Astig Authority” Lineup


According to television ad aired,  local TV network GMA7 will be airing eight anime titles in its weekday morning anime line-up “Astig Authority” starting January 7.

New episodes of action-fantasy anime Bleach is added to the current line-up before Detective Conan and after Atashinchi. The extra slot was due to the conclusion of Filipino drama series Cielo de Angelina  last January 4.


8:00 Mojacko
8:25 Doraemon Adventures Presents
8:5o Inuyasha
9:15 Atashinchi
9:40 Bleach (New Episodes)
10:05 Detective Conan
10:30 One Piece
11:00 Knock Out

via GMA Astig Authority Fanpage and Youtube