News: Kuroshitsuji – Live Action Film Announced


It was announced that live-action film adaptation of Toboso’s comedy- mystery manga series Kuroshitsuji  (Black Butler) is in the works.

Film’s story will be an all-original story set 130 years after the manga series. NANA (live-action) director Kentaro Otani  and Keiichi Satou, director of anime films Saint Seiya and Asura will co-direct the Black Butler film while actor and model Hiro Mizushima will be playing demon butler Sebastian Michaelis.

He previously starred in drama series Gokusen 2 and Absolute Boyfriend as  Hiro Misawa and Soshi Asamoto, respectively.

To what extent must a housekeeper do things to be acceptable. One of the noble families of England, Phantomhives butler Sebastian Michaels has got unquestionably perfect knowledge, manners, talent with materials, martial arts, et cetera: but is also able to serve a 12 year old master. Wearing a grey tailcoat, gracefully brewing the worlds strongest red tea, please read on to see how such a perfect butler copes with such a master…

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