Storified: Is Cosplay Really For Everyone?


Pinoy Big Brother Teen 4 – Big Winner Myrtle Sarrosa has posted a tweet via her Twitter account @myrtlegail answering a question from a fan if cosplaying is hard.

Her answer sparked mixed reactions if costume playing is really open for everyone.

  1. mahirap po bang maging cosplayer ?? sagutin nyo naman… — Cosplay is not for everyone. First, you must have th…
  2. Some agrees…
  3. its not for everyone because …. not all otakus have a high self-esteem to cosplay a character … some are too shy and too sensitive about being judge by others 🙂 …
  4. guys di sa kinakampihan ko siya or against ako sa kanya ha pero may punto ang post niya minsan mahirap na talaga makabili ng materyales for costumes nowadays especially if you are an armored cosplayer.. just sharing my 2 cents
  5. While others commented otherwise . . .
  6. and I really thought it is for everyone.. because it’s a hobby.. a hobby.. = .=
  7. Grabe 😦 Cosplaying is not just the costume eh. Nasa puso at passion yun. Pag gusto mo gagawan mo ng paraan… Grabe >__<Cosplay is for everyone,
    Everyone who exerts effort
    Everyone who loves what they do
    And everyone who is open minded enough to think that cosplay is for everyone 😡
  8. lemme re-phrase:cosplay is for everyone… but not everyone can portray a certain character a hundred percent… all a cosplayer could do is do his/her best to please the eyes of the audience
  9. everyone can do cosplay as long as you have the passion and courage para ipakita. ung iba nga perfect ung costume pero di kayang iportray ung character. it’s not just about merely wearing a dress and posing in front of the camera.
  10. Others pointed out that she missed something. . .
  11. and you should be passionate about it, and you must know the character you are cosplaying very well, its not about how good you look, but its about how good you can portray your character..
  12. It would be nice if she should have said, “cosplay is for passionate people”. I feel sorry for the people who STRIVE ACCURACY in their cosplays, not just using their FACES.
  13. She forgot one basic point. You must know your character. I’ve been hearing issues that some people are cosplaying and doesn’t even know their character. Just wtf.
  14. Many weighted the argument . . .
  15. for me cosplay is for who loves the character and he want to copy her/him and it is just for fun like performance or model who photographers want to take a photo and if u want to cosplay it, its true it cost huge money but if you still want to cosplay that character then you have to sacrifice to get that costume. nothing impossible
  16. Someone has jumped to conclusions lol. Tbh she is both right and wrong and like the other guy said, she missed some points as well. Not saying you are wrong but you should atleast take a look at the other side of her answer. I’m not depending her, just a lil bit respect and maturity(really?)One thing I could say is that she’s not good in answering questions which led to misunderstandings. PS: I never liked this girl in the first place. Gotta admit that her costumes/outfits are good but that’s all about it. Kudos everyone!
  17. her argument is not enough to say that cosplay is not for everyone, but rather it defines what comes with wanting to become a cosplayer.
  18. a lot of this is true. a lot of this you can also get around din, if you have the right stuff. some people are just lucky, others have to work a litter harder to pull off cosplays. pero tama yung rewards part at the end. although i do disagree with some parts of the argument (i.e. the embarassment and modeling bits), most of this is still pretty darn accurate.