Cosplay Costume of the Year 2012 Votation Moves to Google Plus

01082013_ccy2012 has decided to move the votation of this year’s Cosplay Costume of the Year (CCY) 2012 from Facebook to Google’s  multilingual social networking site “Google+”.

According to’s official Facebook page, the move was due to Facebook’s Terms and Agreement that prohibits using the “Like” function as a voting mechanism for a promotion.

Last January 17, albums for Best Male, Best Female, Best Child, Best Crossplayer and Best Creature were already uploaded to its official Google Page, which also signals the start of  the voting period.

Voting period ends on February 15. has already 295 users on its Google page as of 5:30 PM 1/18/2013.

Full details of the voting procedures can be found here.