News: Those Who Hunt Elves – Manga Series Returns


According to Comic Meteor web manga site, it was announced the Yu Yagami’s action-comedy manga series Elf o Karu Mono-tachi (Those Who Hunt Elves) will return with a new series on January 30.

The original Those Who Hunt Elves manga was serialized in 1994 – 2002. A second manga series titled ” Those Who Hunt Elves Returns” was launched in 2007.

 Ritsko (a mature school girl with an excellent knowledge of tanks), Junpei (a martial arts expert) and Airi (a famous actress) are three people from japan trapped in a different world full of magic and elves. To get back they need to team up with Celcia, an elven mage and a T-74 tank that Ritsuko has to hunt down the five spell fragments, which are contained on the bodies of five elves.

via Anime News Network