ANIMAX Asia Take It Back to Basics


Last February 1, ANIMAX Asia started its re-branding by reverting its logo with the old blue one, aligning it with its Japanese counterpart.

ANIMAX is also reviving  its old Twitter handler, @jasmineatanimax and it will be known as @animaxasiatv.

It is unknown why ANIMAX went for a “new look” this year but many anime fans expressed positively to the changes.

Prior to channel’s re-branding, ANIMAX made various announcements and events before the start of 2013 namely the ANIMAX Carnival held in Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines, ANIMAX on Philippine DTH satellite provider Cignal TV, Ani-mate Search Winner Rhianna Floresca and acquisition of latest anime titles (Accel World, Hyouka, Chihayafuru, Shakugan no Shana III).

ANIMAX  last re-branded in 2010 during the popularity of South Korean culture or Hallyu (Korean wave).