Adopts Ranking System For Cosplayers

02092013_CRS has announced that they will be adopting a system for local cosplayers who participate in cosplay competitions.

According to post on official site, the Cosplay Ranking System or CRS is a system that encourages beginners to join competitions while, at the same time, matching veterans with competitors of their rank.

Cosplay competitors are categorized into Beginner, Intermediate and Veteran  which is based on CRS points a cosplayer have. There will be also a Master Rank  given to those who are invited guests and have agreed to become official judges of the contest.

Points can be obtain by either participating or receiving awards in a CRS Accredited Contest. There will be official marking  that identifies if a cosplay contest is CRS accredited.

Before a  cosplayer can participate in any accredited contests, he or she must be registered to CRS. Cosplayers should fill-up forms found at the event. Upon completion, cosplayers will be given an identification card with a CRS ID Number which they will present when joining other accredited contests.  Cosplayer’s identity and Rank will be also registered in this account.

The CRS system will be first implemented on the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention this coming March 2 and 3 at the Midtown Atrium, Robinsons Place Manila.

According to, all cosplayers will begin on a clean slate.

The CRS is similar to the system being used by the International Costumers Guild in their “masquerades.”  The system was adapted in 2006 for the purpose of  “ensuring fair competition in their masquerades” and “help make both novice and accomplished costumers’ experiences with masquerade competition and costuming more comfortable and enjoyable.”

Full details of the Cosplay Ranking System can be found here.


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