Sadon-Desu Gets Possible Anime Adaptation From Gainax


According to  Gainax at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013, it was revealed that anime studio intends to air Kyo Hatsuki’s slice of life four panel manga series Sadon-Desu.

However, Gainax producer Tomoko Saito clarified that anime series has not yet approved and they still collecting funds.

Manga series was serialized last November 2012 in Weekly Young Magazine by Noir who is also the wife of the Gainax President Yamaga Hiroyuki.

Gainax also revealed that they intend to air also anime project Akubi o Suru ni wa Wake ga Aru (There Is a Reason That We Yawn).

It’s a slice-of-life of high school girls, who belong to Sadõ (Japanese tea ceremony) club

via Anime News Network