Fairy Tail – Series To Be Continued?


At the 175th and final episode of  comedy-adventure anime Fairy Tail, the series has ended with a message, “To be Continued.”

Manga author Hiro Mashima on his Twitter account said he can’t elaborate further on what the “To Be Continued” message meant.

It was previously reported that Fairy Tail anime series will end its run on March 30 and Mashima tweeted in English that “Anime is not the end. Don’t stop believing.”

A rerun episode titled Fairy Tail Best! will start next week.

via Anime News Network

One thought on “Fairy Tail – Series To Be Continued?

  1. I was disappointed to see fairytail end but it is like for it to return later on… Otherwise why say to be continued… I’m sure it will return. Please keep up on the news… And thankful for this post.

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