Ozinefest 2013 Recap: International Guest Cosplayer Aza Miyuko


Kang Yun Jin , famously known as Aza Miyuko was invited as one of the special guest in the annual Ozinefest which was held last week at the Megatrade Hall in Mandaluyong City.

One of the hosts mentioned that this was the first time that the Ozine team have invited an international guest into the event. It was a few years back when organizations have started inviting international guest especially cosplayers to local events and conventions.

Aza which she is now called (most fans still append her former name Miyuko) was a former member of Korean cosplay group Spiral Cats (SPCats).

In her visit to Manila, Aza tagged along two more Korean cosplayers into the event. We had little information on them but their names are Yannbyul and Doll.



I got a chance to meet Aza in her meet and greet session on the first day. Similar sessions were also held in day 2 and 3 but I picked Friday for my meet and greet because of the fact that there were less people. I was expecting the weekend session to be more crowded and I was right.

Security was very strict as expected from a VIP. Furthermore, the attendees have to fall in line two times to get a photo-op and autograph, separately.


Meet and Greet Queue on last day

Aza cosplayed Ruri Gokou (Kuroneko), a known otaku character from the Oreimo anime series. She also cosplayed Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier on the second day and Umi of Love Live! series on the last day. Photos can be viewed here.

The Meet & Greet VIP ticket is worth P350 that entitles the holder a signed photo of Aza, two shots besides Aza and her group.



It was Aza’s birthday last April 16 and as a present the Ozinefest organizers¬† announced that they wanted to give Aza a “surprise” pre-birthday celebration on April 14. They encouraged everyone on their Facebook page to bring small gifts for the celebrant. She is now 21 years old.

Before the surprised birthday bash, her group performed a dance number featuring Start:Dash of in-anime group “u’s“. Aza apologized afterwards for their poor performance¬† Here is a video of their performance.

It was a simple surprise from the organizers, everyone greeted and sang happy birthday which eventually caught her off guard. The hosts of the event mentioned Aza wept after the stage appearance.

Aza also announced that she will be coming back for Ozinefest 2014 in SMX.



I am very thankful that the Ozine staff brought Aza to the country but I wished that she had more audience interaction on stage and an organized one-on-one meet and greet session. Furthermore, the meet and greet VIP tickets, for me were very expensive comparing it with the previous events with Japanese cosplayers

Glad to hear that she will visit again next year and I will be waiting for it.

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