Ozinefest 2013 Recap & Photos: Individual Cosplay Competition


One of the main highlights of every anime convention is the cosplay competition and in this year’s Ozinefest was once again one of the biggest.

Though it didn’t break the record of 300+ participants in 2011,  191 cosplayers went up to the ramp this year to showcase their costumes to the public.

Unlike last year, there were no group cosplay competition which is very unfortunate.


More photos can be seen here.

The individual cosplay competition was held on the last day of Ozinefest 2013 and it was supposedly scheduled at 5 in the afternoon but it was started an hour later. The cosplay catwalk ran for about 3 hours till 9 in the evening.

We saw various types of cosplayers that went on stage – from first-time cosplayers to the veterans ones, from simple attire to big bulky costumes and from the epic and to those I bother not to photographed.

Here are the winners of the competition.

1st Placer – Izaiah Luke Buelos as Gundam 00 Exia
2nd Placer – Icee Ticar as Agent Hunk of Resident Evil
3rd Placer – Hana Yuri as Sky Song of Jade Dynasty

Best Mecha Cosplayer – Abraham Cruz as Mecha Godzilla
Best Female Cosplayer – Ashley Misaki as General Lubu
Best Male Cosplayer – Miko Rae Francisco as Razor of Defense of the Ancients (DotA)


The competition was very entertaining just what my colleague in Deremoe wrote and this is one of the reasons why Ozinefest’s Cosplay Competition is one of the most awaited activity of the event. For the last two years, I observed that many participants have already back out just before the competition starts. Audience leaving half-way through and even our colleagues was not able to finish the competition.

There should proper adjustments especially to its schedule. This would make a big difference for the convenience of both the audience and the cosplayers.

On the lighter note, there were some cosplayers that aimed for audience’s entertainment despite a low-budget costume, isn’t that right, Batman?