Event Recap: Invitational Open Photoshoot 4 at Ninoy Aquino Park


Photographer and cosplayers went last April 20 at the Ninoy Aquino National Park and Wildlife in QC to attend the 4th Invitational Open Photoshoot.

IOP4’s theme was all about Group Cosplay so several groups cosplaying as characters in Naruto, Black Rock Shooter and Bleach were present in the event though there were individual cosplayers were also seen.

Animax host Rhianna Floresca was also invited as event’s special guest. She was cosplaying as Sakura Shinguji from anime series Sakura Taisen.


animeph managed to shoot a couple of group cosplayers such as Toradora, K-On, Love Live and Zero No Tsukaima. The albums can be seen at animeph Facebook page.

In the end, the photoshoot was a success despite short but heavy downpour experienced at late afternoon.

animeph would to thank Rg Gamurot and the staff of Otaku Urule for the inviting me to the photoshoot.

The monthly Invitational Open Photoshoot is organized by student based organization Otaku Urule. This is a free event where photographers, anime fans and otaku’s general meet to share their common passion.

The next Invitational Open Photoshoot will held on May 18 at Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila. The theme for this month’s photoshoot is all about students and school.