WCSPH 2013 Rule Changes, Adapts Individual Competition Format


In their official Facebook page, the World Cosplay Summit Philippines Committee announced that there will be sudden rule changes for this year’s World Cosplay Summit Philippines (WCSPH).

The Committee has waived the skit performance requirement for the  participants joining the WCSPH 2013.  This means that for this year, WCS’s 2-person format will be put aside and the qualifiers will be adapting the Individual Competition format.

Furthermore, the winners of the WCSPH 2013 are now eligible to compete again next year.

The sudden rule change was made due to time constraint and since the Philippines is not obliged to compete in the WCS Finals in Japan. The first National Qualifiers is set on June 1 in Legazpi, Albay.

Despite the changes, Anime Alliance Philippines (AAP) will still implement the weight and dimension restrictions for props and costumes

In statement made on their official Facebook page, AAP has apologized for the sudden changes in the rules and assured everyone that the winners will still be the well deserving ones and that the selection process will not be showered with any politics, corruption and bias.

The top 2 finalists to be chosen in the National Finals at HERO FACE OFF 4 will be representing the Philippines in World Cosplay Summit 2013 in Nagoya, Japan.

Full implementation of the rules and regulation will take effect in WCSPH 2014.

via Anime Alliance Philippines [1][2]