Biglobe: Fans Dropped Oreimo 2, Many Continued “Shingeki”


According to two separate surveys conducted at the Biglobe website, many Japanese anime fans have dropped Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2 while others continued watching Shingeki No Kyojin for this season.

The surveys were conducted almost the same time and four in the top ten are both “dropped” and “continued” by anime fans namely, Hataraku Maou-sama (2nd, 2nd), Oregairu (3rd, 4th), Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko (4th, 9th) and Suisei No Gargantia (9th, 5th).

Here are the top 20.


1. Oreimo 2
2. The Devil is a Part-Timer!
3. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
5. Flowers of Evil
6. Nyarko-san W
7. Uta no Prince Sama 2
8. Karneval
9. Gargantia
10. Mushibugyo
11. Date-A-Live
12. Majectic Prince
13. A Certain Scientific Railgun S
14. Valvrave
15. Yuyushiki
16. Photokano
17. Severing Crime Edge
18. Attack on Titan
19. RD Red Data Girl
20. Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties


1. Attack on Titan
2. The Devil in a Part-Timer!
3. Railgun S
4. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
5. Gargantia
6. Devil Survivor 2
7. Yuyushiki
8. Date-A-Live
10. RDG Red Data Girl
11. Mushibugyo
12. Uta no Prince Sama 2
13. Valvrave
14. Flowers of Evil
15. Majestic Prince
16. Photokano
17. Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties
18. Oreimo
19. Muromi-san
20. Severing Crime Edge

The “dropped” survey was conducted between May 5-12 with 16,669 total of votes while the “continued” survey was conducted one day late (May 6-13) with more respondents of 26,091.

via Biglobe [1] [2]