“Cosplay By The Bay” Holds Meet and Greet with Former WCS Reps


Five former WCS country-representatives are coming to the Philippines as foreign guests for the Cosplay By The Bay Pre-Event this coming July 7 in Subic.

WCS Philippines has invited WCS 2012 Team Thailand  Niti, Korean’s CSL members and WCS Team Korea Waky, ekiholic and Kong2, and WCS 2010 Team Singapore Christy for the pre-event to be held at Harbor Point Activity Center.

They will be having a meet and greet session at 5PM-7PM along with renowned Filipino cosplayers Riyo Enriquez,  Christine Blardony and Liui Aquino.

It was announced also that there will entrance fee for the “Cosplay By The Bay” event at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center a day after. Tickets are worth Php 100 for each person.

It is still unknown if the invited  foreign guests will make their appearance on second day.

via Harbor Point Mall