TOYCON 2013 Day 2: Alodia and the Jam-Packed Megatrade


Second day of the 12th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles 2013 started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by PBB Teen Big Winner and HEROtv anime jock Myrtle Sarrosa dressed in a lolita costume.

She was backed up by the members of local cosplay group and toys/comics enthusiasts JusticePh and the 501st Legion Philippine Outpost (Starwars).

SM Megatrade function rooms which housed supposedly the largest Toy Gallery were also opened to the public though many toys, figures and dioramas were not yet set up.

The day progressed with various panel discussions from invited guest and sponsors. Lines of people also progressed up to the fourth and third floor of SM Megamall as attendees had to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before entering the venue.

The presence of Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao also added the burden to the venue with her meet and greet session later in the afternoon. She was with her sister Ashley who also performed on stage with her band Midnight Meetings and co-host Rhianna Floresca. Alodia also performed  her usual sing and dance number on stage.

With the jam-packed halls, security also tightened as some congoers spilled over infront of the Megatrade Halls and nearby establishments. Reminders on keeping eye on valuable item were repeatedly announced on stage.


One of the highlights of this year’s Toycon was the individual cosplay competition which was held later the day. It was earlier announced that other “cosplay” contests such as the group competition, Booth Babe and the Gamer Girl were cancelled this year. More than 60 cosplayers dressed as their favorite anime, comics, movies and games made their catwalk on stage.

Crowd-favorite Ashley Misaki won in the Chibi Category with her skit as General Lu-bu from Dynasty Warriors. Half-German and half-Filipino Kathy Tischler as Super Girl charmed the judges bagging the Best in Comics Category. Christian Espinosa and Mark Buenaventura won in the Best in Game Category and Best in Movie, respectively. Otaku Choice Awardee Elizabeth Ortega won Best in Anime with her Gundam Exia cosplay.

The event ended with a lot of freebies such as Toycon ballers, pack of Oreos, souvenir shirts and many more being thrown from the stage. This is aside from the Coke Mismo given for free during the course of the day.

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