Koroshiya-san – Four-koma Manga Gets Anime Short Adaptation


It was announced that writer Masahide Ichijo and artist Chiku’s four-koma gag manga series Koroshiya-san (The Hired Gun) is getting an anime adaptation.

The series will be an anime shorts made by Flash animation studio Opera House. It will be directed by Ai Ikegaya.

Manga series launched last 2009.

This 4-koma manga follows the daily life of the best assassin in Japan, “Koroshiya-san.” He has to deal with all sorts of crazy problems and misunderstandings that occur when he’s on the job, in addition to normal awkward situations, such as flirting with girls. He’s also often bothered by an unintentionally erotic school girl who wants to avenge her father, and a little boy who idolizes him and wants to be his apprentice. Life can be tough as the top hired gun in the country! 

via Anime News Network