Italy’s Mazinkaiser Duo wins WCS 2013 Title


Italian cosplayers Massiano and Andrea were crowned as this year’s World Champions in the recently concluded 2013 World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Cosplay Championship.

The Italian team beat out other representatives from 20 nations to win the prestigious World Cosplay title.

They performed a short skit as robot characters Mazinkaiser and Daishogun from 2001 mecha OVA Mazinkaiser.

Last year’s champions were Yukari Shimotsuki and Kaito of Team Japan.

Here is the full list of winners

Cyperous Award
Team Japan (Mariko and Fran)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Nico Nico Award
Team Italy (Massimo and Andrea)

Joysound Award
Team China (Chan and Wang)
Monster Hunter 3G

Brother Award
Team USA (Tiffany and Cassandra)
Alice in the Country of Hearts

Anistar Award
Team Korea (Hong and Park)
Rockman Zero

3RD PLACE (Bushiroad Award)
Team Thailand (Chittaworn and Pongwat)
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

2ND PLACE (Livedam Award)
Team USA (Tiffany and Cassandra)
Alice in the Country of Hearts

Team Italy (Massimo and Andrea)

Present in the event are the four observer nations, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam. They also performed on-stage though they were not competing for the title.

The four Observer Nations are expected to officially join the WCS next year.

The World Cosplay Summit 2013  Cosplay Championship was held last August 3 at Oasis 21 in Nagoya, Japan.