Keiko Fuji, Mother of Singer Utada Hikaru Passes Away

08222013_Keiko Fuji

Former singer and mother of Japanese pop-singer Utada Hikaru, Keiko Fuji was found dead after jumping from her apartment building  last August 22 in Shinjuku, Japan.

According to media reports, police has been ruling suicide as the cause of her death. She left at the age of 62.

Fuji, whose real name was Junko Utada, is a famous ‘enka’ singer in Japan during the 1970s. Among of her hit songs were Shinjuku no Onna, Onna no Blues and Keiko no Yume wa Yoru Hiraku.

Her daughter, Hikaru, is considered as one of Japan’s most successful artists of all time. She became a hit in other countries especially in the Philippines with her debut album ‘First Love’.

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