My Little Monster, Hyouka to Air Next Month on Animax


The official website of Animax Asia has announced that anime cable channel will air Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Hyouka next month.

According to the schedule released on the website, Brain’s Base’s comedy romance anime Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (MY LITTLE MONSTER) will air every Thursday and Friday starting October 3 at 11:00pm.

Bookworm Shizuku Mizutani has few interests besides her grade and future career. Requested by her teacher, Mizutani brought handouts to Haru Yoshida, a boy who should have been seated next to her but was suspended due to injuring another student in a fight on the first day of school. Because of the favor, Yoshida now considers Mizutani a friend, and she also learns that Yoshida is in fact a very nice, gentle guy.


While, Kyoto Animation’s mystery drama anime HYOUKA will air every Monday and Tuesday starting October 7 at 11:00pm.

Hotarou Oreki doesn’t like to do things that he considers a waste of energy. However, things start to change when he enters high school because even though he does not want to join any non-compulsory school activities, his older sister requested that he join the memberless Classic Literature Club so that it won’t get abolished. Unbeknownst to him, another student, Eru Chitanda, already planned to join; but instead of being free from club obligations, Hōtarō eventually joined as he is strangely unable to refuse or escape from Eru’s passionate gaze of curiosity. Together with his friends Satoshi and Mayaka, they began to discuss a variety of mysteries in school that only Hōtarō seems to be able to solve, including the mystery that lingered on from Eru’s childhood memory.

Earlier, it was announced that ANIMAX will air GoHand’s upcoming sci-fi action anime Copellion ‘same time as Japan’ starting October 2.

via Animax Asia