The Best of Anime 2013, A Recap (Day 2)


The team arrived at noon and started to cover the second day of the Best of Anime 2013 at the SMX Convention Center. We were still recovering from two days of sleepless nights which include the ingress due to the press conference, preparing and covering the event.

Moving forward, idol group Starmarie had their encore performance when we arrived. The group had their meet and greet session at the activity area in Function Room 3, just the opposite side of the stage.


YukiGodbless and JiakiDarkness also had their meet and greet session for the day cosplaying as Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki No Kyojin anime. The Thailand representatives also held a concert-like performance before the cosplay competition. This was their second time to be invited in Manila for a convention.

Hours went by and the real action shifted from inside the function rooms to outside. People started to fill up the second floor of the SMX Convention Center despite heavy rains and reports of flood in the metro. It was around late afternoon when the crowd reached its peak with SMX’s second floor was full of people though we observed that inside the venue was not crowded as compared to outside.

There had even reports of clashes between certain attendees and the security of SMX outside the function rooms.


Twenty-four participants joined the second day’s Best of Anime Cosplay Competition. All costumes in this competition must be from anime, manga, Japanese artists/personalities or Japanese games only. Chibi cosplayer Bolen Lareza won competition with her skit as Daimos robot. Aside from the Php 3,000 cash, Lareza also won an exclusive dinner with Karael.


Myrtle Gail as Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live . She is one of the judges of the Best of Anime Cosplay Competition and World Cosplay Summit Philippines NCR Qualifiers.

The World Cosplay Summit NCR Qualifiers was a little bit disappointing. Despite how prestigious the competition is, it seems like some cosplayers didn’t take it much seriously. Only 3 individuals participated in the competition despite an earlier announcement from Anime Alliance that the qualifiers will be a mixed catergory.

The participants were Reginan Abang cosplaying as Hideo Shimazu from Rival Schools: United by Fate, Angeline as Ezra Scarlet from Fairy Tail and winner Mico Garcia as Zero from Rockman X. Aside from the prizes, Garcia will also get an exclusive dinner with YukiGodbless and JiakiDarkness.

The event ended with the most awaited performance from Japanese pop singer Joe Inoue. He performed some songs from anime series Naruto, Bleach and even Doraemon. He also had a drum solo as an encore.

During the closing ceremonies Irene Lloren, the President of Primetrade Asia Inc. and organizers of the event announced that the next Best of Anime is schedule on September 13 and 14, 2014 .

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