UPDATED: Strike Witches Gets New TV Series, OVA


Strike Witches advisor and writer Takaaki Suzuki clarified on Twitter that the recently announced new Strike Witches anime and OVA are not the ‘third season’.

Suzuki also teased that what comes after land, sea, and air might be the marines. Voice actress Sakura Nakamura also tweeted that the project is not the third season but a new series.

EARLIER (10/13/2013)

The official website has announced that Gonzo’s sci-fi action anime series  Strike Witches is getting a third season and an OVA titled ‘Operation Victory Arrow‘.

The announcement was first made at the Strike Witches event in Tokyo last October 13. No further details revealed for the new projects but it was hinted the the new season will be titled ‘Tactics of Vanadis Attack.

The first two seasons of Strike Witches aired in 2008 and 2010, respectively. A film adaptation, Strike Witches the Movie was also released last year.

The year is 1939 – it was then that the Neuroi appeared. Nobody knows where they came from or what their ultimate agenda is, but the fact remains that their attacks drove people out of their towns and cities. In order to take arms against them, humanity develops a new anti-Neuroi weapon called the “Striker Unit.” Using the power of magic to fight against the monsters, this new device enhances and amplifies the power of female magic-wielders. To use this device, young witches from all over the world have been brought together to form an elite task force unit called the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, commonly known as the “Strike Witches.” (ann)

via MAL, ANN