Strange Plus – Manga Gets Anime Adaptation


The December issue of Monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine has announced that Verno Mikawa’s slice of life comedy manga series Strange Plus is getting an anime adaptation.

The cast and staff from the manga’s drama CD will reprise their roles in the anime series.

Studio: Seven
Director & Screenplay: Nishikawa Takashi
Character Design: Furukawa Hiroyuki

Seki Tomokazu as Kou
Fukuyama Jun as Takumi
Okiayu Ryoutarou as Masamune:
Yukino Satsuki as Miu

The manga debuted in the first issue of Zero-Sum magazine in 2002 and 13 volumes have been published already.


It is a humorous slice-of-life manga where the protagonist Kou comes to a slum neighborhood in search of his elder brother Takumi and finds him to have become the head of a private detective firm. Kou is drafted by Takumi to do errands and chores there, and they come to meet various interesting people…

via ANN