Meiji Tokyo Renka – Otome Game Gets Animated

11052013_Meiji Tokyo Renka

During the the Meiji Tokyo Renka ~Haikara Roman Gekijou 2~ fan event held last November 4, it was announced that  Broccoli’s romance visual novel game  Meiji Tokyo Renka is getting an anime project.

Details of said anime project will be revealed soon.

Ayazuki Mei was pulled thrown into Meiji era by some strange magic. Fujita Gorou found her loitering around the Rokumeikan Hall. She was about to be arrested but then an elite official named Mori Ougai claimed that she was his fiancée. Thus she was brought to his mansion and was told that she can stay whether just for a year or even for 10 years. Then, a romantic love story in a grandeur era begins… (vndb)

via MyAnimeList