May’n Looks Forward in Performing for her Fans in Manila


Singapore-based pop culture site SGCafe during the Anime Festival Asia 2013 last weekend had a one-on-one interview with famous Japanese pop and anime singer MAY’N.

In the said interview, May’n revealed that she had been receiving a lot of fan letters from our country. When asked for a message to her Filipino fans, she replied that she will be looking forward in performing for the fans here.

We might also hear the singing diva to say Filipino words in her performance because every time May’n is performing abroad, she at least tries to speak a little bit of their local language.

May’n will be performing live at ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2013 on December 8 at Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City. This is her first time visiting the Philippines.

May’n or May Nakabayashi in real life is best known as the singing voice of theGalactic Fairy Sheryl Nome in the 2008 hit-anime TV series Macross Frontier. She sang the theme songs of various anime series like Shangri-La, Macross Frontier, Accel World and Ōkami-san.

You can check the full interview at Thanks also to SGCafe’s KarbyP.

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