Otakultura, Vocafusion Merger; Vocafusion 2013 Postponed


In an official statement released on their website, it was announced that effective last July, Team VocaFusion has officially became a sub-group of Otakultura Multimedia Creatives Incorporated.

Though merged, Otakultura editor-in-chief Andoy Benefits has noted that the Vocafusion Team will still be an independent unit for handling events organizing, particularly for VocaFusion events.

Benefits also announced that this year’s Vocafusion has been postponed until further notice to allow longer time allowance in planning and budget allocations. Updates for the next Vocafusion event and possible pre-event will start next year.

Benefits clarified about the rumored Mob Dance @ VocaFusion which is a proposed segment from a fellow Vocaloid group for the upcoming VocaFusion event. He wanted the segment to push through in the next Vocafusion event given the right schedule and proper organization.

Otakultura has also completed the partnership agreement with Oh-No Manga! regarding to their last event Cosplay Camp 2. Otakultura bid Oh-No Manga! the best of luck in their future endeavors.

By 2014, Otakultura also announced that their website will have a new look with the integration of Vocafusion website.

Full statement here.