Toriko – Manga Starts New Arc After One-Month Hiatus


After completing the ongoing ‘Human World’ arc, Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro’s action comedy manga series Toriko will be taking a one-month break.

The manga series will return on February 2, 2014 at the start of the Gourmet Arc. The ‘Human World’ arc will end on January 4 in next year’s combined 6th/7th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

In the world where the taste and texture of food are very important there is Toriko, a hunter of precious foods regularly hired by restaurants and the rich. A man with inhuman skills to capture the ferocious, evasive and rare animals to complete his ultimate dinner course and then the chef Komatsu, his current accomplice: a weak timid person who was inspired by Toriko’s greatness and accompanies him on all his journeys on his quest for the course of his life.

via ANN

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