Marble Wonderland: Fashionable Cosplay at its Finest


Marble Wonderland was indeed the finest fashion and cosplay event of the year. With its wonderful lights and catchy “Kawaii” songs, everyone enjoyed their stay during the whole event. Everyone was ready, cameras and video cameras on hand, and then the lights came on.

Marble Wonderland choose Movie Star Café at Mall of Asia as there venue because of the unique style of the restaurant and a glamour feeling that you are in red carpet affair.

Last January 17, 2014, was the night that everyone was waiting for a Japanese culture arriving in our maiden land after a very successful run at Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. Marble Wonderland adopted its concept from the “Cool Japan Project” sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) aiming to spread the “KAWAII” (cute) Japanese culture through our Asia.

The word “kawaii” or as we translate it in English as “cute,” made its own form in the Japanese fashion industry. Marble Wonderland wants to spread the “kawaii” feel all around the world that just being “kawaii” (cute) doesn’t mean about appearance but as well you are “kawaii” as you are.

Everyone was excited once the lights came on, and a song which is familiar to the ears of others, the floor was graced non-other than Japanese dance sensations “Guilty Hearts” Niina (217) and Miume. Their unique remix to their Japanese traditional dance awe the audience with such grace and beauty like no other from start to finish.

The most awaited person that everyone wants to grace upon their eyes with her beauty is non-other than Alodia Gosiengfiao. She made her entrance with a grand kimono and walk the runway for everyone to see the beautiful craft of the kimono. Being a host and main performer for the event, she was able to keep the audience excited all throughout the show.

Rhianna Floresca graces the floor as host of the event alongside Alodia. She brings the audience in awe as well for her bubbly and cheerful aura.

Renowned cosplayer of the Philippines, Kristell Lim, Jia Gold Bustamante, and Michelle Echavez performed a special live cosplay show for the audience, with such exciting feeling they electrified the crowd with their beautiful performance. Still in the overwhelming feeling of the audience, they were surprised by our very own Celebrity cosplayer, Myrtle Sarrosa. Singing for the audience with her angelic voice and bubbly aura.

We were once graced again by the “Guilty Hearts” Niina (217) and Miume for another dance performance. Such electrifying and beautiful choreography we have witnessed. Showing a wonderful rendition of their traditional dance performance.

A live performance was given by Alodia Gosiengfiao after singing the theme song of Marble Wonderland entitled, Kawaii Girl. During her performance, she invited on the stage, a renowned cosplayer as well, Ashley Misaki, to sing with her. The two look so cute together singing the song. Everyone was electrified by the wonderful performance the two performed for them.

As the program went on, the most waited part is finally here. The search for the “Alodia’s Sisters”. A competition for aspiring young women who wish to spread the “Kawaii” culture of in the Philippine and around the world. There were 8 contestants that joined the contest, all talended and kawaii on their own way, showing off their charm, energy, and talent with the audience that is best fit for being a representative of Kawaii Culture.

Instead of a 2 runner-up as announced, they made it a 3 runner-up. And the runner up where (in no particular order): KahreenEcangelista, Lou Angeline Buenaventura Ulanday and Kim Mina (Mina Kim). All of them received a 10, 000 pesos as a reward. At first Kim Mina was shocked because she didn’t know why her name was called for, which such adorable attitude she has, everyone loves her instantly.

And here comes to most crucial part of the program, the winner for the search of the Alodia’s Sister. The winner is none other than Rachelle Redecio, cosplaying as Edward Elric in a cross-dress type. She sang the opening theme song Again and amazed the crowd with such energy and accurateness of the song. She also won 50,000 pesos.

As the program comes to an end, all performers on stage walked one last time at the runway, waving and thanking the audience for coming and supporting everyone on stage. There was nonstop clapping throughout the runway for their final wave to the audience. Everyone just witness a great performance and everyone was just jumping for joy. The event was a huge success for Asia Way, and that was indeed the most fashionable cosplay event of the year.

marble_w_ (58)

Congratulations to all the winners, Asia Way for making it possible for bringing Marble Wonderland here in the Philippines to give a different “Kawaii” Culture and we would sincerely welcome you back here again with open arms. Congratulations as well to Movie Star Café for holding such wonderful event providing food and unlimited beverages to all. They have the most unique, courteous staff.

And lastly, thank you Cosplay Network Philippines for being a huge part of this event and making is possible for the cosplay community that they wouldn’t forget.

Jillian Rose is a certified otaku, freelance photographer and cosplayer. She has a very unique way, she cosplays and photographs at the same time. A con-goer and is always ready to get candid shots of everyone she see.