Free! – KyoAni’s Swimming Anime Gets Second Season


A poster from the Free! Special Talk Event”  revealed that Kyoto Animation’s swimming anime series is getting second season.

No more details has been released. In the last episode of the first season,  a “see you next summer” message appeared, hinting that the anime series may be getting a second season.

 Four boys named Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin all participated in a swimming tournament shortly before graduating elementary school and later parted ways. Years later, they reunite when Rin challenges Haruka to a race and wins. Not wanting to be defeated so easily, Haruka gathers Makoto and Nagisa and a new recruit named Rei to form the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club.

via ANN

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  1. Good to know. I’m pretty sure all fans of the show were made aware of a second season a while back though – there was a message saying “see you next summer!” following the end of the first season.

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