The Week That Was: Cosplay Idol 2 and Misaki Con 2014


The third week of January has been a busy week for animePH as I went to cover two events, Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol 2  and Misaki Con 2014.


animePH went to SM Center Valenzuela last January 16 to attend third leg of the second Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol organized by the Naruto Cosplayers Philippines (NCPH). Last year, animePH also covered one leg of the first Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol, also in SM Valenzuela.

Hosting the event were former NCPH Hokages David D’ Angelo and Eleazar Santos.  The program went smoothly with the induction of NCPH’s new Council of Elders for 2014 lead by their new president, Lie Pagtalunan, launch of Cosplay Idol 2 official theme song ‘Cosplay’ performed by Happy Ending band and special catwalk performance from the cosplay judges Bolen Lareza and Christian Umali.

The organizer also gave us a sneak peek of NCPH’s newest event, the Pinoy Otaku Festival Fantasm.

Like the first Cosplay Idol competition, aside the usual cosplay catwalk, the participant must also show his/her talent and ‘Cosplay Idol’ Starpower to become the next Cosplay Idol Champion. The usual individual cosplay competition was still there though incorporated.

Thirty-one cosplayers participated in the competition with Samara Nunez cosplaying as ‘Naruko’ (Naruto female version) bagged the Cosplay Idol 2 Championship for the SM Valenzuela. She will be competing in the finals on May 24-25. Another winner was Jayson Tabuzo who scored the Best Male cosplayer with an acrobatic performance as Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin.

Chibi cosplayers Justine Kian Chow and Sofia Kathleen Lugay wowed the audience with their cuteness as they performed a small skit from Tora Dora. Other winners are Kenneth Carida, Bryan Batchiller, Mary Grace Villamarin, . You can check the full list of winners at the Facebook page.

cosplayidol2_valenzuela_ (10)


After going up north, the team went east on a Sunday to cover the third Misaki Con at SM City Taytay. This is the first time that animePH attended the event after ditching the first two Misaki Cons due to important matters.


Misaki Con was named after one of the multi-awarded and renowned chibi cosplayers, Ashley Misaki. The first Misaki Con was held in 2012 at Ever Gotesco Ortigas. The event was organized through the help and support of her friends and love ones.

In Misaki Con 2014, we saw some familiar faces, most of them were cosplayers who knows Ashley and; we could also tell because of the huge crowd that they support and love the little girl.

The event has invited famous Sanji cosplayer Liui Aquino and TV celebrity Ann Mateo to a meet and greet session. Ann mentioned on stage that this was her first time attending a cosplay event. Afterward, the Spin Nation host entertained the audience with a song number and performed a catwalk as Wonder woman with the ‘Justice League’.

Skipping the raffles and dance performances, the event highlighted its individual cosplay hosted by Faith Jmc. Blogger and colleague Jay Agonoy was one of the judges of the competition. More than 100 cosplayers participated and according to his article at Deremoe, he admitted that he had a hard time judging. The winners are posted at the Facebook page.

misaki_con_2014 (9)

In conclusion, both events had their usual ups and down like any other otaku event. However, these shortcomings didn’t bother me because most of the time, I enjoyed myself.

Otaku Encore and Misaki Con showed us that we can really enjoy events without being extravagant and having extra “baggages.” Furthermore, people can freely mingle with fellow cosplayers and even meet new friends along the way without the hassle of a huge crowd or being grasped by the tight mall security.

Naruto Cosplayer will be holding their last Cosplay Idol 2 leg on February 22 at Starmall Alabang while the finals will take place on May 22. No words yet for the next Misaki Con but we can expect Ashley Misaki joining more competitions in future events .