Hajime no Ippo Rising – Series Ends with Genji Kamogawa’s Past


Boxing anime series Hajime no Ippo Rising will end with a four-episode specials titled “Sengo-hen” (After the War Arc).

The special will feature Ippo Makunouchi’s coach Genji Kamogawa and his rival  Ginpachi Nekota during their younger years.

Mamoru Miyano will play the younger Kamogawa while Hiroyuki Yoshino will voice the younger Nekota. The special is a tribute to the Kamogawa’s original voice Kenji Utsumi which passed away last year.

Series will premiere on March 8, 2014.


The story begins with a photograph of a beautiful woman named Yuki, which triggers a flashback to Kamogawa and Nekota’s passionate younger days. In post-war Japan, Tokyo is still recovering from the shock of the wartime defeat. Kamogawa and Nekota fight as boxers, but two encounters alter their destines. One is with an American boxer, and the other is with the beautiful woman Yuki. (ANN)

via ANN