The Week That Was: Mata Expo 2014 Philippines


One of the unique events there is here in the Philippines. This event was made to celebrate the cultural diversity of the deaf community.

What made this event interesting is that the attendees of the event were a community of deaf and hard-of-hearing people who were excited to be part of this rare event. I learned a few sign language myself during my stay at the event.

Mata Expo was held at One Esplanade SM Central Business Park last February 8, 2014. The location overlooks the Manila Bay and has a walking distance going to Mall of Asia. The location was a wonderful choice for the event.

This event promotes many worthy causes, like fostering awareness for the deaf and hard-to-hearing people and raising funds for breast cancer cure not only here in the Philippines but also around the world. Expo Mata has been to different countries spreading the message in the Unites States, Canada and here in the Philippines.

There were a lot of activities during the whole event. There were different cuisine, hotdog eating contest, art and fashion like Harajuku Runway show. A raffle draw as made before the event officially ends and a dance performance from invited guests.

The most exciting part during the event was the cosplay catwalk where invited cosplayers amazed the crowd with their amazing costumes and performance.

What I really liked about this event personally was the wrestling show. When I entered the hall I immediately saw the wrestling ring. The wrestlers that were invited were: Silent Warrior, Sean Midnight, LapuLapu, Yoshiya Kawamura, Gyushin Liger, Teppei Kawamura, and Sawaterio. What amazed me more is that these wrestlers are also deaf and hard-to-hear people. It didn’t matter to them about their condition, they want to make the crowd go wild with their amazing performance inside the ring. I admired their skill and passion in spite of their disability.

~Written by Jillian (A freelance photographer and a cosplayer. Certified otaku since birth). Photos by Jillian and Rayan

Rayan will have his own article about the Mata Expo 2014 in a bit.

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