Recap: 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention 2014 Day 1


Last March 8, Saturday, animeph project went to cover the first day of the 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention held at Midtown Atrium, Robinson Place Manila in Ermita, Manila.

The event is organized by in cooperation with Hobbiworx Inc. and Robinsons Place Manila. Like the previous Philippine Cosplay Conventions, it is free admission and has various merchandise booths selling toys, wigs, costumes, accessories and many more.

A special dance number by all-girls cosplay dance group Raindrop triggered the start of the program . It continued with’s in-house game “Face-Palm the Music” and the cosplay auctions, The event is hosted by Brad and Fatima.

The venue was filled with attendees from young and old;  photographers and cosplayer; and even mere spectators.  Despite being jampacked, Robinsons Manila’s strict security protocol  is still observed. There was policy last year on carrying replica guns and swords. There were also guards roaming around the venue.


One of the highlights of first day is the historical cosplay contest which started at 2pm. Five participants parade their historical military costumes on stage.

The Best Historical Cosplayer award was awarded to Emmanuel Ortega cosplaying as Spain Governor General. Ortega was given Php 3,000 worth of items from, Hobbiworx, Animax Mountain Dew and Magnavision.


The Solo Cosplay Tag Competition was also held on the first day which started at 4pm. Cosplay Tag is an innovation introduced by few years back  where a cosplayer must interact to the cosplayer  to him. The participants were judged by Baguio’s Aj Cross, Butuan’s AC Hernandez, Hobbiworx’s Jojo Triggerman and veteran cosplayer Guy Singzon. President Pablo Bairan and veteran cosplayer Guy Singson, after the contest made a brief detail about the Nexcon event this coming May which features non-fiction, fantasy and Western programs. A new mascot for, Cosplay Tournament of Champions 5: World Class and Cosplay Mania 14: Evolution were also announced.

From fifty six cosplayers, fifteen were chosen to advance to the interview round. The top 15 finalists are as follows:

  • Irish Santos as Shadow Walker,
  • Rowyl Van Sanggayan as Naruto Bijuu mode,
  • Christian Umali as War Machine,
  • Izaiah Luke Buelos as Gundam Heavy Arms Customs,
  • Erika Garbin as Rathalos X Blade,
  • Mark Anthony Vivas as Deathpool,
  • Maria Angelica Magdaso as Viola from Soul Calibur V,
  • Isabel Cortez as Mistress Sadea from Diablo III,
  • John Carmona as Capt America First Avenger,
  • Christian Rodil as Iron Man Mk VI,
  • Ailizei Rodil as War Machine,
  • Abraham Cruz as Garo,
  • Sonny Redusa as Hector of Troy,
  • Joseph De Leon as Superman and
  • Ainalu Arnueva from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Here are the winners of the minor prizes from the Solo Cosplay Tag Contest:


  • Best Craftmaship: Isabel Cortez
  • Best Performance: Rowyn Sanggayan
  • Best Child: Maria Angelica Magdaso
  • Best Robot or Mecha:  Izaiah Luke Buelos

Each received Php 3,000 Gift Certificate from Robinsons plus items from partners and sponsors.

For the major prizes, the following winners are:

  • Best Female: Erika Garbin
  • Best Male:  Mark Anthony Vivas

Each received Php 4,000 worth of gift certificates from Robinsons plus items from partners and sponsors.

This ended the first day of the  7th Philippine Cosplay Convention.

The second day of the event will feature the Filipino, Dragon Nest and Group Cosplay Competition. The winners of the 2013 Cosplay Costume of the Year will also be announced tomorrow.

See you on day 2!