UPDATE: Sword Art Online II – Series Premieres in July 2014


According to a text scroll from episode 11 rerun of  Sword Art Online season 1 in Japan, it has revealed that the second season will start in July.

The screenshot of the episode was posted in a Japanese blog though there have been no announcement yet from the official website.


Sword Art Online II  focuses on the Phantom Bullet Arc of the original light novel series.


During the Sword Art Online panel at Dengeki Game Festival 2014, it has confirmed that Sword Art Online II will premiere this July 2014.

The story focus on our protagonist Kazuko where he tries to discover the truth behind the mysterious death of  players of an Virtual Reality Game Gun Gale Online, But first He must leave the the world of sword and enter the world of Guns as Kirito, a world he’s unfamiliar with, In the game there He meets Asada Shino aka Sinon a one of the few girl player of Gun Gale Online, he try to  befriend Sinon  to ask him to teach him how to play the GGO because he’s not familiar to it. Will Kirito manage to find and Stop Death Gun and solve the mystery behind the death of the players?.

via Crunchyroll, ANN

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