The Week That Was: Pitik Open Photo Shoot 2


The premier event of Pitik Photography was held at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last January. With all the wonderful feed backs that we have received, we decided to make a 2nd event not for us, but for the cosplayers, models, and aspiring photographers just like ourselves.

The Pitik Photography group went on to hold its second event, POP 2, or the 2nd Pitik Photography Open Photoshoot at Universidad de Manila last February 22.  With a theme Japanese School Girl/Boy Fashion. the bustling university was the perfect setting for the open photoshoot.


Unlike the 1st event, Pitik Photography decided to hold a seminar for the students of the said university. The seminar discussed about the photography 101 and single flash photography in which one of the members of the group discussed it eagerly to its participants. The students in turn were so eager to practice what they learned at the seminar that they just had to join in the photoshoot afterwards.

As for the photoshoot,  It was a group that featured a fascinating mix of models, cosplayers, photographers,and enthusiasts, all coming together to have great photographs and taken amid the unique setting the university grounds, halls and classrooms that was provided for this event.

A lot of the students were shocked to find out that there was such an event happening in their school grounds, students asked cosplayers and photographers if they could have their photo taken with them. At one point there was a kid a who did the exact same poses of the cosplayers while a photographer was taking a photo of him.


Pitik is slang that can be the noun for a shutter click, also a verb that denotes the act of taking a shot.  After considering many other names, the founders decided on this name as it aptly describes something they really enjoy doing, and is something that many models and cosplayers have greatly appreciated over the many months of existence of the group.

Many thanks to the Pitik Photography for holding such wonderful event for all. Universidad De Manila for allowing to use its facilities as event place for the said event, and most importantly, are all the guests that arrived to make the event such a success.

Pitik Photography will be waiting for your support in the coming events. Thank you.