Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – Light Novel Gets Anime

04162014_Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai

Japanese publisher Fujimi Shobo has announced that Touki Yanagimi’s action-military light novel series Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (Antimagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon”) is getting an anime adaptation.

Though it is still unknown on the type of format will be the anime. The light novel series was released in 2012 with illustrations by  Kippu. A manga series was adapted and launched in the same year.

Welcome to the 35th Test Platoon of the Taimadou Gakuen, or “Antimagic Academy”. The academy is home to squads that hunt down and kill, destroy, or otherwise render harmless magical practitioners and artifacts. The 35th Test Platoon is a band of misfits who don’t seem to fit in anywhere else. Each member is a specialist with a focus on a different aspect of operations. The squad may become the greatest team ever, but first they must overcome their greatest obstacle: each other.

via ANN