Ozine Fest 2014 Day 1 – Recap


Anime fans and cosplayers trooped today to SMX Convention Center in Pasay City to attend Otakuzine Anime Magazine’s largest anime convention this year, Ozine Fest 2014.

Ozine Fest 2014 take place this weekend at Function Room 5, SMX Convention Center. The meet and greet sessions were held at Meeting Rooms 11, 12 and 13.

animeph project has listed down some important highlights happened in Day 1 of Ozine Fest 2014:

Despite transferring to SMX Convention Center, the venue was filled early afternoon with fans, cosplayers and loyal attendees. The outside hall was also filled with cosplayers and photographers for their photo sessions.

The entrance pass of the event raised to Php150 from earlier announced Php120. Comments from the animeph’s Facebook post showed their negative reaction on the increase.


To explain the side of the organizers, Dennis Uy clarified that the price for the onsite tickets is actually Php150. The Php120 ticket should have been the price of the presold tickets nearing the event date. Uy further explained that instead of pursuing the said price scheme, they extended preselling of tickets at Php100.

Ozine’s guest cosplayer Miza and her partner Yazi will be absent during the course of the Ozine Fest 2014. We were informed that Misa’s passport was confiscated during her transfer flight in Hong Kong and it will take 2 weeks to retrieve it from the authorities. Since Misa no longer attend the event so does Yazi.

The remaining guests Doll, Aza and Yannbyul or collectively known as D.A.Y. cosplay as Ryuko, Satsuki and Mako from Kill la Kill while Ying Tze cosplays Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa.

Animax Asia also announces their new anime titles for May and June. Arcana Famiglia and Kyoukai no Kanata to premiere this May 15 and June 10, respectively. Rhianna Floresca will have a meet and greet session on the second and third day of the event.

One of my friends in Facebook warned us about a scam where victims will have to pay Php2500 for being an “anime cosplay model” with Ozine Fest 2014 as the venue. You have been warned.

An event was taking place in parallel of Ozine Fest 2014. The event occupied the remaining Function Room of SMX and barricade was setup between the two events which make going to the meeting room located at the other side very tiring.

Day one of the event mainly featured the Karaoke Singing Contest and the Battle of the Bands.

animeph project is one of the media partners of Ozine Fest 2014. See you today for Day 2 of the event.


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  1. Nandun ako. Despite all the negatives, enjoyable naman siya pero hopefully next time I attend an event like this, mas-organized na.

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